Preorder Release TODAY For My First Book!

This Is How You Be: A Simple Guide To True Happiness book cover


Today is a big day for me, you guyyyys—one I’ve been anticipating and avoiding for many years: the release of my first book. What’s that I say? AVOID the release of my first book? Oh, you betcha! I, like I’m sure many of you, have struggled my whole life with worth.

I want to tell you a story I’ve never told anyone before. About four years ago, soon after my mother was diagnosed with the breast cancer that would ultimately overcome her and leave me face-planted at rock bottom, I had the good fortune of spending the day touring the mystical land of Sedona with one of the most profound spiritual teachers I’ve ever met.

Shaw’ne was in her ‘70s, though she moved and acted 20 years younger. She didn’t seem to have an ounce of pain that typically accompanied old age. In build, she could have been Dolly Parton’s twin—brunette twin, but twin nonetheless. Her large, gravity-sucked breasts rested under a bright red, southwest-embroidered blouse and just above her high-wasted  bejeweled belt. Her skirt was free flowing and tie-dyed, though a higher-class brown swirl rather than the stereotypical rainbow look you’d see at a Phish concert. The turquoise jewelry adorning much of her skin was not the type purchased at a tourist trap. Her eyes were translucent in a way that told her soul was in two worlds.

It turned out that Shaw’ne specialized in reading people’s soul purposes. After witnessing her tell my friend what her soul purpose was (which happened to be EXACTLY what my friend was doing, after a then-recent massive career change to do so!), I was intrigued of course and asked Shaw’ne what she saw in me. I offered to pay her and she refused. I just knew she’d say and validate, “writer, duh!”

But that’s not what she said.

After closing her otherworldly eyes for a few minutes, she yelped, “Oh honey! You’re the spiritual psychologist—and you’re here to teach people.”

“Uh… ok. (Plot twist!) And, ummm, what am I to teach people…?”

She closed her eyes again and consulted things I could not see or hear. “You will teach people How To Be.”


“Because you know how to be, honey.”

“I fucking do?!”

“You don’t sound convinced,” Shaw’ne said, chuckling. “And that’s fine for now. But I do have to say that the longer you put off going down this road the more unhappy you will become. And you’ve been very unhappy.”

Well she had that part right.

I went on for years haunted by her premonition but still never taking it too seriously. I went for years down that familiar unhappy, unfulfilled, unreal path. And then, a little more than year and a half ago, I sat inspired one morning to write an essay on creativity. That little egoic essay was quickly high jacked by Spirit, fast and furiously flowing into what I am presenting to you today: my debut book, “This Is How You BE: A Simple Guide To True Happiness.”

And I’ll give you a hint: It starts with knowing we’re worthy.

My hope for this book that Spirit used me to write is that it helps people. I am honored to share it first here. Thank you all for your time, friendship, and encouragement! And can I just say: Fuck Yeah!!!! 😀


Arizona Bell